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NORRISTOWN, PA, October 27, 2018

It has come to our attention that Cesar Sayoc, Jr, alleged bomb maker has, in the past, falsely claimed to have some association with Sayoc Kali. He has, further, falsely claimed to be a grandchild of Baltazar Zook Sayoc, the founder of a Philippine martial art system.

We can clearly and definitively state that Cesar Sayoc Jr. has no affiliation with Sayoc Kali. None of the authorized Sayoc Kali instructors have any record of having offered him instruction or are aware of ever having interacted with him.

Baltazar Zook Sayoc was the father of Christopher Sayoc Sr. Christopher Sayoc Sr. created and founded Sayoc Kali in the United States. None of the immediate family of Christopher Sayoc, Sr. have any personal knowledge of the alleged bomb maker Cesar Sayoc, Jr.

We are clear that Cesar Sayoc, Jr. was not a grandchild of Baltazar Zook Sayoc.

Sayoc Kali is a school of martial arts that has become a venerated and highly regarded discipline. Its founder Christopher Sayoc, Sr. died in 2017. The school of martial arts is currently owned and operated by Sayoc Global, LLC. Sayoc Kali is non-political and is interested only in training individuals in the highest quality of martial arts for the purposes of protection, defense and personal enrichment.

Sayoc Kali condemns in the strongest terms any acts which threaten or inhibit the democratic practices and principles that all Americans and people of free societies hold dear.

Sayoc Kali joins with those who implore all Americans to work vigilantly to overcome our differences through civil discourse and remember that we are a better and stronger people when we are united.